Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, trying to balance your career & family needs?

 Are you frustrated with trying to cope with the pressures of your job, dealing with things beyond your control?

 Do you feel guilty when you think of taking time to care for yourself?

 Are you wondering if you will get to the end of your life and regret that you’ve not lived it fully?

You’ve come to the right place, at just the right time.

Consider for a moment: Is it possible the answer isn’t “out there”? In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy always had the way home available to her, she just didn’t realize it. What if you already have the answer to being the leader you want to be, to living the life you want to live, but don’t think is possible?

As women, we rarely give ourselves time to consider, “Is there something deeper inside of me?” Instead, we live our lives the way those around us live them, filling them up with activities, obligations, and things we think we should be doing and learning. But what if the answers to changing our experience of life lies within us, and not outside?

It’s time to step out of overwhelm, guilt and frustration. Instead live your life of flow and ease and…

be the leader you are meant to be

…as you learn how to let go of pushing and struggling to discover how to access the gold that is inside of YOU.

This three part course will give you the tools and experience to get off the treadmill and begin to discover the life that is yours to live, in all of the roles you have. Think of how amazing it would feel to not be overwhelmed, to not be plagued by that sense of guilt and judgment that is always there in the background. 

What if you knew that you were living your

full, thriving, joyful life now?

What if you felt confident, wise and courageous, able to contribute fully all that you have to give? And what if life wasn’t about pushing and struggle? Can you even imagine a life lived in complete FLOW?

Session One


Here you will discover how to experience what is inside of you, building confidence along the way. You will directly access the potential of all that you are here to be as a unique individual, and in the process, find your source of energy to live your life. And the pitfalls you may encounter? You will learn how to identify them and overcome them, including the fallacy of “fake it until you make it”. Find out what to do instead of embracing those old paradigms. How amazing it will be to discover the gold that is inside you, and become the authentic, effective leader you are meant to be!

Session Two


Although there is gold inside of you, we all need help to remain connected to it, to mine it and bring it out. Because what will you do, who will you choose to be, if you know that all of life supports you, that the Universe has your back?  You are not alone—life is organizing around you, helping you reach your fullest potential.

There is also the love and assistance that others give to encourage us and to partner with us so that we can have exponentially more impact, more joy, and experience more thriving. This is the magic of synergy, when what we have to contribute, along with our experience of life, is made so much greater with support and collaboration.

Find out how to create the support you need to live the life you desire, for yourself and those you love. Gain new mindsets and cultivate the heart opening you need to tap into this powerful support to step into all that you are here to be and do—to be a leader and have the impact you desire.

Session Three


After opening the gift of who you are and beginning to create the support you need, we will put all of this together to explore what’s next. This is when you find out what is needed to live a life of FLOW instead of being in the push and struggle. What do you do if you don’t push and struggle? It may be a surprise to you!

If you are ready to leave behind overwhelm, frustration, and guilt, if you are wanting to live a life of no regrets, where you are confident and thriving, and have an impact in what you are doing, join us in this course. It’s time to lead as the outstanding woman only you can be!


You will participate in 3 one hour long Zoom calls, each two weeks apart to allow time for integration. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to attend live—you will receive a recording afterward that is yours to keep. You will also have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask your questions and receive support for what you are experiencing.

Reserve the following dates and times for this life changing class:

  • Thursday, October 24, 2019
    7pm Central Time
  • Thursday, November 7, 2019
    7 pm Central Time
  • Thursday, November 21, 2019
    7 pm Central Time

Live A Confident, Impactful Life!