Join me for the Trailblazer Community Group’s upcoming meeting!

Flowing on into 2020 with F.L.O.W.

Not the flow you would expect!

Date: Thursday, February 20th, 2020

Time: Event runs from 6PM – 9PM CST

Location: 21360 Gateway Court, Brookfield53045

Ticket Prices: Free

What would life be like if you knew you could confidently handle any situation, that you were the leader you want to be? What if you could speak effectively and powerfully, and not be intimidated or feel the need to please? What would it feel like to take risks with wisdom and courage, and not be engulfed by doubts that you made the wrong choice? What if when you collaborated with others, synergy occurred, so that what you created was bigger than what you could do on your own? This is what occurs when you are in FLOW.

Discover the one important step you must take to be the leader you were meant to be.

Experience a foundational practice that you will take with you to step into the authentic, powerful leader that only you can be.

Sorry, this event is closed to Allies. We look forward to having you at a future event.